Involvement and Activities


Auburn Equestrian

I was fortunate enough to be a member of the Auburn Equestrian Team, a Division 1 team, during my time at Auburn University. During that time, I got to experience the thrill of winning a National Championship title. I had the experience of learning many valuable life lessons such as team building skills and time management skills. As a member of the team, I balanced a full course load while participating in 20+ hours of team activities.

Delta Delta Delta

As a member of Tri Delta, I was able to participate in various philanthropic fundraisers. Through fundraising efforts, Auburn University's Tri Delta chapter has raised about $215,000 during my time here. As an active member in the sorority, I was able to assist in putting on these fundraisers and participate in bringing in guests for the events.

Alternate Student Breaks

As a member of ASB, I travelled to Ocala, Florida over Christmas break to volunteer at the Forest Animal Rescue. During the trip, we were responsible for putting up fencing of a 3+ acre enclosure for black bears. The trip serves as a way for students to take time from their vacation to help others. ASB is a nation wide organization and allows student groups from various schools to volunteer their time.