Auburn University

Auburn, Ala.

I started at Auburn in August of 2012 as an Animal Sciences major. Shortly after classes began, I realized my passion wasn't for the sciences side of the agriculture field, but with the communications aspect. After this realization, I transferred to the College of Liberal Arts and began pursuing a degree in Public Relations.

Every course I have taken during my time at Auburn has only confirmed my decision to make this move. I enjoy being out and about working with others, and work well in a team setting. I also enjoy the event planning aspects of the projects I have worked on. Social media and design are two aspects of public relations I thoroughly enjoy, as well.

Auburn’s public relations curriculum incorporates all aspects of public relations, including research, planning and evaluation, as well as communication, multimedia incorporation and case studies. During my time at Auburn, I have taken a variety of courses that taught me about all these aspects. To learn more about those courses, check out my relevant coursework page!

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"If I was down to my last dollar, I'd spend it on Public Relations."
-Bill Gates

AU Athletics internship
Coach Pat Dye