Relevant Coursework

Public Relations Coursework

Style and Design in Public Relations

This is one of the capstone courses that combined client writing, web design and graphic design elements. Through this course, I became proficient in Adobe Creative Suites and HTML5/CSS styling. The final outcome of the class was to create this digital resume and portfolio. My weekly articles for Auburn Family, The Corner News and Extension Daily can be found on my blog.

Public Relations Campaigns

This is one of the capstone courses that combined all the skills I have acquired during my time at Auburn. The final project was presented to the owner of Irish Bred Pub, a local restaurant that allowed my group to create a unique campaign for the company. My final project can be found in my portfolio.

Writing for Public Relations

This course put the technical skills learned in previous public relations courses to work. Through this course, I found my own style of writing and, combined with the technical elements, was able to create a variety of traditional and nontraditional pieces. I created press releases, pitches, social media posts, press conferences, scripts and more. My media kit can be found in my portfolio.

Case Studies and Ethics in Public Relations

This course provided an in-depth look at past public relations cases and mistakes made in many cases. The course taught techniques that could have helped to avoid those mistakes. My case study can be found in my portfolio.

Survey Research Methods

This course taught the basics of research principles and how to properly and successfully conduct public relations research. My survey report can be found in my portfolio.

Social Media in Public Relations

This course was designed to understand target audiences and learn to create content for specific audiences. Through this course I learned how to utilize each social media platform to best suit the client, then presented those ideas to various business owners throughout the community.

Other Coursework


Principles of Marketing

Principles of Management

Principles of Microeconomics

Human Resource Management

Business Law

Communication and Journalism

Journalism Fundamentals

Intercultural Communication

Agriculture Communication



Concepts of Communication and Journalism


Introduction to Hospitality Management

Introduction to Interior Plants and Floral Design

Foreign Language

Spanish I

Spanish II